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Sweet Paszka Easter Bread

Number of Servings: 3 loaves

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1 cup warm water
1/2 box raisins
1 large yeast cake or 1 packet
1 cup scalded milk (cooled)
8 cups flour
2 sticks melted margarine/butter
4 beaten egg yolks
1 tsp. salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 regular size can evaporated milk

Directions:  Befor starting the dough put the raisins in 1 cup of warm water. Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm milk, set aside. Sift flour into large pan; add evaporated milk, mixed with the one cup of warm water. Add melted margarine, mix; add beaten egg yolks, yeast mixture and salt. Mix add raisins, knead until smooth (about 10 minutes.) Let rise 2 hours. Roll out on floured board and make 3 loaves. Put into 3 small bread pans. Cover with towels, let rise 1 hour. Beat egg whites and brush tops of loaves. Bake ag 350 degrees for about 50 minutes.

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Submitted By: Teresa of Mertztown,Pa.
Email/Web Site:
Original Source of Recipe: Eda hornick
Date Submitted: 3/26/2001 1:59:06 PM


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